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Ham Public Service Events are generally civic gatherings that can include cycling, running, walking, driving and just about anything else that can be held as a fund raising or community service event. Many charitable organizations use these events to raise funds for their worthwhile causes. MS, ADA, AHA, Habitat for Humanity, Multiple Myeloma, and so on.

Ham public service events can be just about any gathering where ham provided communications contribute to participant and spectator safety and welfare.

Ham Public Service Events may be held directly by the benefitting organization, such as MS or ADA, or by individuals or businesses that sponsor the charitable events like Cycle Shops, Restaurants or other corporate entities. They may also be sponsored by teams, like the MSFITS, who sponsor 3 events each year. Whichever the case, all proceeds from these events go to the benefitting charities.

The events can be held anywhere. The majority of events that HPSNC coordinates are bike rides of 100 miles or 100 kilometers (67 miles), or both and usually include shorter routes of 50 and/or 75 miles. Due to the nature of these events, the courses are generally laid out along rural or lightly traveled roads in the counties in and around the Triad. Orange and Chatham counties are popular and mostly along less traveled roads through beautiful countryside The event season runs from March to November.

The scenery is beautiful, but most of the roads are two lane, generally lightly travelled, but at times the automobiles and trucks take up a lot of roadway and as, I'm sure you can imagine, when an automobile and a bicycle meet the bike and rider loses every time.

And that's where we come in - providing that extra layer of safety.

We send SAG ('Support And Gear') vehicles traveling both forward and reverse along the courses to monitor the cyclists.

SAG vehicles have event signs and turn on their flashers and/or other lights to let the participants know they are part of the event and to warn other motorists that something is going on so, hopefully they will slow down and be more aware. Ham participation in PS events around here has evolved to where volunteers generally use their own vehicles equipped with mobile radios, signs and perhaps additional lighting. Most of our vehicles have a bike rack and can transport two or more riders if necessary. Hams may also act as rest stop monitors to coordinate the efforts of the event provided volunteers with the organizers back at the start/finish line.

All in all, we have a good time using our ham radios and helping a worthy cause. We hope you'll join us.

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